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Bruges, Belgium 布鲁日,比利时



If you’ve seen the movie “In Bruges”, you probably know a little bit about this city.


And even though Colin Farrell’s character keeps saying it’s boring, you can’t deny the beauty of this medieval city.


The gothic architecture is just mesmerizing, all those pretty buildings wrapped in vines that go all shades of crimson in the fall – it’s a feast for your eyes. 


And the canals, you have to take a boat ride through the canals when you’re there – it’s incredible.


Plus, they have the most charming open air markets that work all the way until the end of November, and it’s also a great opportunity to taste the best hot chocolate you’ll ever have in your life.











Cumbria, England 坎布里亚,英格兰



Whenever people talk about England, they often focus on London.


And while London is amazing and definitely a must-go on any traveller’s list, Cumbria is a great destination if you want to see English autumn.


Cumbria is often called the English Lake District. So apart from copper hills, green and red woodlands and pine trees, you’re also guaranteed beautiful mirror reflections of autumnal scenery in the multiple lakes around here.







Bavaria, Germany 巴伐利亚,德国



What makes Bavaria a great fall travel destination?


All the amazing wine and beer festivals that take place here in the autumn months.


Ever wanted to take part in Oktoberfest? Well this is your chance.


It’s also a great way to see the Alps in the autumn and take a hike to enjoy the gorgeous views Bavaria has to offer.


Speaking of views, did you know that Bavaria is home to not 1, not 2, but 25 historic Castles? It’s fairy-tale land, enjoy.









Perthshire, Scotland 佩思郡,苏格兰



Scotland is known for the beauty of its nature. But Perthshire in particular is just incredible.


It’s often called the Big Trees County. The views of grassy hills, beautiful yellow and red trees, and the golden reflections in the lakes are simply breathtaking.


If you want to see autumn in full glory – this is the place to go.







Piedmont, Italy 皮埃蒙特,意大利



If you like wine and good food, autumn is your peak season for visiting Italy. 


Fall is vineyard harvest time so definitely go to Piedmont.


They also have lots of different food festivals in the autumn here, so if you want to try some mushrooms or truffles, chestnuts or chocolate – Italy is waiting for you this fall.







 Aragon, Spain 阿拉贡,西班牙



People often associate Spain with summer vacations, but they have no idea that Spain also has a lot to offer in the autumn.


The Aragon region specifically is just amazing this season.


It’s a great time to see the Pyrenean Mountain Range in all its glory, and also see some stunning waterfalls while you’re at it.


If you actually go there, you have to visit the Monte Perdido National Park – it’s just marvelous in the autumn.









Loire Valley, France 卢瓦尔河谷,法国



For those of you who want to witness the colorful displays of autumn with a glass of wine in your hand – Loire Valley is your best destination.


This region of France is famous for its vineyards and late October is peak season if you want to see all the vineyards in a blaze or red, orange and golden hues. It’s truly a sight to behold.





Ahornboden, Austria 




Ahornboden is located in the Silver Region of Austria, 4000 feet up in the Alps and it’s surrounded by mountain peaks.That should really be enough to convince you to go there.


Can you imagine the beauty of this place? Autumn in the Alps – it’s freaking magical.


Also, since most people travel to the Alps in the winter – autumn is a bargain season and you can get great deals if you decide to go.









Transylvania, Romania 




Transylvania is shrouded in mystery.


For lots of people Dracula and vampires come to mind at the mention of this place, and while you’re definitely more than welcome to explore all the gothic castles this place has to offer, Transylvania can actually be a very idyllic place in the autumn, with its beautiful medieval architecture, high mountains and lovely fall foliage.





Amsterdam, The Netherlands 




Amsterdam is beautiful at any time of the year, but there’s just something incredibly romantic and picturesque about going on a bike ride in Amsterdam in the autumn.


All the beautiful trees covered in red and orange leaves, the maze of canals reflecting the golden rays of sun, beautiful and charming architecture of the houses that stand alongside the canals. It looks a bit magical in the fall.







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